How Kerasal® Works for Fungus Damaged Nails

How Kerasal® Works for Fungus Damaged Nails

It is important to understand that there are no approved over-the-counter drug products available for treating or curing a fungal nail infection.

There are many cosmetic products available that can help improve the appearance of the nail, but they are not FDA approved as treatments or cures for toenail or fingernail fungus.

How Kerasal Works on Nail Fungus

Kerasal® products—such as Kerasal® Fungal Nail Renewal™ and Kerasal® Multi-Purpose Nail Repair—are cosmetic products. They help improve the appearance of fungal nails by reducing discoloration, normalizing thickness, and hydrating brittle nails. Most nails with fungus tend to turn yellowish, thicken and crack or break. These Kerasal® products can diminish these symptoms.

Most Kerasal® users, who use the product as directed, can start to see improvement within two days. Over 90% of people who participated in a clinical study saw visible improvement after 8 weeks. Results will continue to improve by using even longer than 8 weeks. In some cases, it can take 3 to 6 months of daily application to achieve the full effect.

You can also talk to your doctor about using Kerasal® Fungal Nail Renewal™ along with prescription oral antifungal treatment. Kerasal can help improve the appearance of the damaged nail while you treat the fungus with the prescription oral medicine. Do not, however, use Kerasal® with any other topical nail products (creams, gels, polishes or ointments).

Another option is to use Kerasal® after you finish treatment with a prescription antifungal medicine. Prescription treatment may successfully eliminate the fungus, but it does not repair the nail once it is damaged. It can take about 12 months for a healthy toenail to fully grow in and replace the damaged nail. Kerasal® can help improve the appearance of existing damaged nails with results starting in just two days. If you were on a topical prescription antifungal treatment, ask your doctor when you can start the repair process with Kerasal®.

Did you know?

Shopping for fungal nail products can often be confusing. Some over-the-counter products such as FungiNail®, FungiCure®, Proclearz® and Dr. Blaine’s® may seem at first glance to be a treatment or cure for nail fungus. These products are NOT shown to cure nail fungus, but are indicated to treat athlete’s foot. This is why the back panels of these products say, “This product is not effective on the scalp or nails.”

We hope this information is helpful. When in doubt, talk to your doctor about what treatment and repair options might be right for you.