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Kerasal Foot Care

Podiatrist Approved Foot Care for Dry Feet and Calluses

Kerasal is what podiatrists recommend more than any other brand* to eliminate cracked heels and soften and smooth feet. Unlike ordinary foot creams or moisturizers, Kerasal’s richly concentrated ointment is a clinically proven formula for softening even the roughest, driest feet. Use Kerasal daily and you’ll be amazed by fast, effective results.

At one time Kerasal was available only from podiatrists. Now you can find Kerasal Foot Ointment in all major Drug, Food and Mass Merchandise stores. Learn more about America’s #1 selling foot ointment.
*Based on January 2009 survey.

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Foot care for dry feet.

Moisturizing Foot Ointment

Guaranteed to repair and soften even the toughest, dry feet, cracked heels & calluses.
Foot lotion for cracked heels & dry feet.

Kerasal Foot Care Lotion

A sheer and light intensive foot care lotion that is perfect for mild to moderate dryness.
Foot Care Lotion & Ointments

Daytime Dry Feet Therapy

Don’t have time to wait for absorption? Try our vanishing moisturizing foot care cream.
Callus Removal

Callus Removal Pads

A highly effective innovation that exfoliates even the driest feet & toughest calluses.